OK 84.78

Electrode giving a weld metal with coarse chromium carbides in an austenitic matrix. Suitable for surfacing worn parts in earth-moving equipment, sand pumps, mixers, feed screws, dust extractors, crushers etc exposed to wear by coal, ores and other minerals. Also in corrosive environment and/or elevated temperature.

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Análisis de soldadura de metal

1.0 %4.5 %0.8 %31.8 %

Datos de deposición

A Deposition Rate Diámetro Fusion time per electrode at 90% I max kg weld metal/kg electrodes Number of electrodes/kg weld metal Voltios
115-170 A 1.6 kg/h 3.2 x 350 mm 85 sec 0.62 kg 26 24 V
130-210 A 2.0 kg/h 4.0 x 450 mm 135 sec 0.64 kg 14 26 V
150-300 A 2.9 kg/h 5.0 x 450 mm 140 sec 0.64 kg 9 26 V

Classifications: EN 14700, E Z Fe14

Alloy Type: Carbide rich steel
Coating Type: Rutile Basic
Welding Current: AC, DC+

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